Monday, December 1, 2014

Larkyn 5 months

I know I haven't posted in a while...2 weeks!  We have been out of town 8 of the last 11 days and have also had the stomach flu go through our family!  Anyway, before I back track to blog about our travels, I will write about my little "Larky-Loo" :).  She is FIVE MONTHS old today!  It just keeps getting more fun!  She is such an easy going, smiley, sweetheart baby!
I love this little peanut!
Love this profile!

Love those cheeks!
First time in the jump-a-roo on her 5 month birthday!

Loves chewing on her fingers!

Big sister loves you!

Big Brother loves you!

Daddy loves you!

Mommy loves you!
Here are a few videos of her first time in the jump-a-roo and exersaucer this morning...all THREE kids loved it!  She seemed to LOVE her "new world" being able to "stand up" and look around and watch her very active siblings!!!  She is VERY entertained and well loved :).


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