Monday, December 1, 2014

Putting Up the Christmas Tree

Today Paul came home from work early so we could have a family evening of putting up our Christmas tree!  Included are pictures of our evening as well as 3 videos...nothing special in the videos...I just want to hold onto these moments and videos seem to do a better job of capturing that than pictures sometimes.  Yes, Colton is in just a diaper for some of it because he is in that "half-way" to potty-training stage :).  Here are my memories from tonight in digital form...

Putting up the tree (its special because it was my grandparents :) )

Putting up one of our nativities

Watching Daddy put the lights on the tree

Colton's first ornament was his bulldozer

Summer's first ornament was the "where's waldo" ornament

Talking about the "nail" ornament and its meaning (similiar to nails put through Christ's hands)
It was such a pleasant evening!  Everyone worked together and Colton actually hung ornaments the whole time and LOVED it (as opposed to last year when all he wanted to do was "throw the ball-ornaments" :)

These two hung the majority of the ornaments....which is why the tree has most of its ornaments near the bottom!  I love it that way!



Jill said...

Aw, such a precious post. I love getting glimpses of these simple, and yet amazing, moments. So special as it's Larkyn's first Christmas. She looks pretty interested and excited. :)

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