Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Christmas - Part II - Our Family Celebration - December 22-23

We had exactlty 24 hours at home between arriving home from Chicago (Christmas Part I) and heading out the door for Woodbury (Christmas Part III), and we made the most of our time and had a really special family "Christmas Eve" and "Christmas Morning".  We continued our tradition of making "graham cracker" houses on Christmas Eve.  Just for fun I included pictures of our 2013 and 2012 houses below...

3rd annual graham cracker houses (2014) - this year was the most fun yet!  The girls (Mommy and Summer) made one together and the boys (Daddy and Colton) made one together :)

2nd annual graham cracker houses (2013)

1st annual graham cracker house (2012)
 This year after making our houses and we put the kids to bed, Paul and I had a special "Christmas Eve" date grilling out steaks and having an at-home date by the Christmas tree (including Dairy Queen blizzards!)  YUM!

Christmas morning was especially fun because it was Larkyn's first Christmas!  We searched high and low to find the same type of scooter we had given the other two kids for their first Christmases...

Larkyn's first Christmas (2014)

Colton's first Christmas (2012)

Summer's first Christmas (2010)
Here are all the kids on their scooters...and yes they still play with them quite a bit!

Just like last year, I combined our Christmas morning memories into a little video because I like to "experience" each Christmas morning again and freeze time to remember them at these ages.  If you are interested in watching our video, I included it here.  It condenses our memories into under 7 minutes.  The kids and I loved watching last year's video in anticipation of this Christmas so I figured I would make another one this year!  Enjoy!


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