Thursday, December 4, 2014

Big Boy Colton's New Underwear!

Yahoo for Colton - he is now a big boy - wearing underwear!

Over the past several months, Colton has sat on the potty after mealtime and has quite a few successes, but was not quite ready to make the leap to underwear.  On Tuesday he (for the first time) told me he needed to go potty BEFORE it came out, with enough time to get to the toilet.  We celebrated by going to Target and picking out the much anticipated and talked about Lightning McQueen underwear!

He has successfully kept his big boy underwear dry almost two whole days, including going to BSF, a friend's house, and errands, with only two consecutive accidents right before bath time.  He now gets a "star" sticker on his name tag at BSF in the 2-year-old room which means he is now a toilet user :).  He is pretty excited about his new big boy pants, and he enjoys using the toilet like a big boy now!


The Baum Family said...

Yay, Colton! How funny we posted this on the same day. :)

The O'Connor Family said...

That was fast!! :) Yay Colton!

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