Monday, May 19, 2014

Weekend at Grandma and Grandpa T's Trailer

We had such a fun weekend at Grandma and Grandpa T's trailer this past weekend! 

Getting the kids ready and packed up was the easiest on record, as Summer completely packed herself!  While I was folding laundry, she would run in and ask "what next?" and I would tell her what type of item (like long sleeve or short sleeve shirts) and how many.  When I came into her room to check her packing this is what I found:

 She brought her suitcase into her room and put everything all in (she loved feeling so grown up!)

She also helped to pack Tucker and various other items- she really was a big help!

Colton packed himself too...sorta.... :-)
Driving to the trailer was our first road trip in our new van, and can I just ecstatically say how amazing it was!!!?!?!??  So much space!  Tucker's kennel even fit in so he road in it instead of hanging out at my feet for the whole drive (AMAZING!). 


As soon as we got to the trailer, the kids loved running all around the campground pushing Grandma's kid size strollers.

This was our first trip to the trailer since Colton has moved from crib to big boy bed, so that meant both kids got to sleep together in the "bunk room" (the front end of the trailer that has two bunk beds).  It was fun to hear their chatter as they fell asleep and picture all the memories they will have sleeping together there :).

Highlights of our trip:

Both kids walked probably at least a mile or more on their own pushing these strollers!

When little legs got tired, Grandma and I had strollers along so they could hop in :)

Colton pushed all his cars and Thomas the train in this little stroller, while carrying Grandma's pretend phone....

...stopping often to "take a picture" with his pretend cell phone!
 Grandma, Mommy, and the kids spent a good 3 hours walking trails and seeing even a teepee!  It was so fun to be outdoors!

Playing at the campground park and on the tire swing
Javonte pushing Summer

Look at me!

Grandma took care of the kiddos for a few hours while I got to go out with the guys on the boat!  Grandpa took a picture of me with one of my perch :)  I was pretty proud of myself holding the fish all by myself for the first time....I'm working up to taking it off the hook all by myself!  (I almost did, but needed a little help from my hubby :) )

Grandpa took Summer fishing off the dock

Colton and I watched to see what Summer would catch

Grandpa, Daddy, and Summer fishing off the dock

Playing with Grandma and Grandpa's toys on the deck

lots of cars, trucks, tracks!

Busy busy busy

Playing with the doll houses


Kicking a ball around with Javonte

We had a fun end to the weekend celebrating (a bit early) Paul's birthday at one of his favorite restaurants -  Zorbaz on the lake before packing up to head back home.

Thanks for a super fun weekend, Grandma and Grandpa T!


Jill said...

Looks like the perfect weekend! So proud of Summer for her organized packing system! What a marvelous help she is and will be after baby arrives. Oh, Colty, you packed yourself which provided great comic relief. ;)

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