Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Happy Birthday Daddy!

Paul's birthday is May 23rd.  On the night before his birthday, my parents came and babysat so I could take Paul out on a birthday date!  He picked to eat at Texas Road House - delicious!

We continued our date looking around a large hunting and fishing store, and ending with one of his favorite desserts, a giant warm chocolate chip cookie with ice cream on top from Chili's.  I had so much fun on our date, as I always love spending quality time with my guy :).

Summer was SO excited for Daddy's birthday this year.  She wanted to decorate his door with streamers, wrap his presents, and pick out specific things she wanted to get him along with making a sweet card.

The next morning (his actual birthday),  she woke up VERY early...she was so excited to make breakfast for Daddy in bed :).  Paul gets up early to exercise and shower, but I told him he had to hop back in bed and pretend to be asleep for his breakfast in bed :).  Summer never knew she didn't actually wake him up :).

 She "woke Daddy up" and sang him the Tommerdahl birthday song as she delivered his breakfast, and insisted that they wear birthday hats :).
Summer and Daddy: Breakfast in Bed

She helped eat the breakfast ;)
By the time Colton woke up, most of the breakfast was already gone, but we snapped a few pictures of him with Daddy too...

I love you Daddy!

Daddy and Colton
Summer was SO incredibly excited to give Daddy his presents which she wrapped and hid in her closet so Daddy wouldn't find them.  It was pretty cute to hear her tell Daddy as he tucked her in for bed one night, "Daddy, don't peek in my closet because your presents are in there!"

Daddy got to spend most of the remainder of his birthday packing up the car and driving the 6-7 hours to Chicago where our annual Obermayer family reunion was being held over Memorial Day weekend.  What a guy!

Happy Birthday to the love of my life!


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