Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Learning Lately: Books of the Bible, Verse of the Week, Numbers

Each morning during breakfast we read our Bible stories, work on the verse of the week, and these past two weeks have started working on memorizing the books of the Bible.  I had anticipated it taking longer (all summer?) to learn all 66 books of the Bible, but after finding this song which both kids love, it has gone much quicker! 

Summer now can say all 66 books, identify Old and New Testament, and state if certain books are before or after each other in their order in the Bible.  We now talk about where (which book of the Bible) her Bible story is found when we read it.

Colton can sing certain chunks of the song, recognize the book of the Bible (from our verse of the week) in the song, and loves to exclaim when the New Testament part of the song starts.

Summer loves to sing the books of the Bible song in the grocery store, in the bathtub, and to anyone who will listen ;)  Here is one of the videos I have of her singing the books of the Bible...

Now that Summer knows the books of the Bible, I let her pick the book of the Bible for our verse of the week.  This past week she picked Habukkuk and this week she picked Nahum (keeping her mommy on her toes, as these two books are not USUALLY the most popular for memorizing out of ;)!!  All Scripture is profitable for teaching, right??).  Anyway, after she picks the book, I read several verses from the book, we talk about what they mean, and then I let her pick one that she wants to memorize.  She picked Habukkuk 3:18 for last week's verse: "I will rejoice in the Lord, I will be joyful in God my Savior".

Here is a video of Summer saying Habukkuk 3:18:

Here is Colton's version of Habukkuk 3:18:

Colton is finally starting to turn a corner in learning his numbers!  While he has had his letters down for months, numbers have been a bit more of a struggle (because they don't make cool "sounds" like letters do!!).  We had a breakthrough this week, as he can now (mostly) identify the numbers 1-5 and he is starting to get the hang of counting things and connecting numbers with the concept of "how many".  Here are two videos from this past week of us working on numbers.

Colton counting:

Colton identifying the numbers 1-5:


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Oh, my, Summer does keep Mommy on her toes! Habukkuk and Nahum?? :)

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