Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Last two BSF "verses of the week"

We finished up BSF last week, and these are the verses of the week from the last two weeks.

This past week we got to pick our own verse of the week (instead of using the one from BSF).  I opened up my Bible and read a few verses to Summer that I had underlined, we talked about what they meant, and she picked one she wanted to memorize (video to come).  This led into a great discussion of the different books of the Bible, so our goal this summer, in addition to learning a verse each week, will be to learn the 66 books of the Bible.  Summer has SUCH an amazing memory, and she is already able to name quite a few!  I am excited to tackle this memory project with her for several reasons.  First, it will be nice to connect the stories from her storybook Bible and the verses we learn together with where they are found in the Bible.  Second, it will give her greater meaning when she memorizes a reference to a verse.  Finally, I hope that when she learns to read, this organizational memory base will make it easier for her to navigate her Bible by herself.


Jill said...

Could anything be more precious to God than the sound of these little ones reciting his Words? Music to my ears and His. Good job teaching them, Kel.

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