Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Just Pics

Baking with my fashionista baker

Massive strawberries!

My view pushing the shopping cart this week...yet another rainy shopping trip!

Preparing to go out in the rain...

There really are kiddos under those umbrellas :-)

Daddy and Colton golfing at a benefit for our friend Julie

Summer's turn

Colton loving watering the vegetable garden

I love this boy!

Playdate with Adelyn and Ian...taking turns pulling each other on the "sleigh"

This girl LOVES to dress up, and it cracks me up!

Seeing how much we can pack into our van...

25 bags of mulch fit in the back of the van!  This is load number 3--I did LOTS of mulch spreading this week :)

Colty tucked his truck in for a nap in Baby's crib :)

Colton chatting on the phone...

Found Summer in here after one of her quiet times :)

First corn on the cob of the season!


Jill said...

Love those precious faces!

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