Tuesday, May 6, 2014

15 of our favorite things lately...

Well life has been a bit crazy lately (isn't it always?!) while I finished up a class I was taking to get the remaining credits I needed to renew my teaching license (I wanted to get it done before baby comes).  I submitted all my papers on Sunday night, so now when I catch a few minutes I can update our blog instead of working on homework :).

Here is a list of a few of our favorite things lately...

1) Playing Hockey with Daddy

 Video of Playing Hockey with Daddy:

2) Riding Her Bike

 3) Reading

 4) Carting cars and trains all over the house in his "Thomas the Train" gift bag

 5) Meeting up with friends to play

 6) Art

 7) Looking forward to and talking about Baby Sister


 8) Thomas the Train

 9) Jewelry

 10) Playing Cars

 11) Making Bead Necklaces

12) Going to as many parks as possible

 13) Eating Lunch Outside

14) Watching the rain/thunder storms (video):

15) Singing and Dancing (video):


Jill said...

Great post. First time I've seen Colton on a big boy swing! Love that precious face of his in the Thomas picture. Summer has so much personality. Love her sense of fashion! :)

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