Friday, January 25, 2013

Summer in the Kitchen

While it is winter outside, Summer is in the Tommerdahl kitchen :-).  We girls have been baking and cooking and learning all sorts of things about following a recipe, what "half" means, and so much more!  Here are the cupcakes she made before we frosted them:

 This morning we made lasagna together.  I had a bunch of pre-browned ground beef in the freezer, so when we used noodles that don't need to be precooked, Summer could do almost everything by herself.  Here is her "how to make lasagna" video.  I think she is just about ready to air on Food Network ;)


Kristin K said...


Jill said...

Ah, who knew being a grandma would be so much fun and bring so much pride and joy. Love that little chef! :)

Kay said...

Kelly, that video is just the best! I love how it captures so much of Summer's personality. So proud of you Summer! I love you so much!!!

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