Friday, January 25, 2013

My amazing hubby!

One thing (of many) that I really appreciate about Paul is that he is so willing to help out, and he does so without me asking :-).  When he sees a need, he just steps in and quietly does what needs to be done.  Grandpa T. snapped this picture of us when Paul jumped into the kitchen to help make grilled cheese when the Tommerdahls were here over Christmas.  We don't often get pictures of just the two of us together (as usually one of us is taking the picture or else has one or two kids with us) so I figured I'd post this one with a shout out to my amazing hubby.  I love you, honey!

(**I worked as a waitress at Perkins in high school and college.....and that is still the apron I use in the kitchen!)


Jill said...

Yay, Paul. Yep, Kel, you got a good one! :)

Kay said...

Yep, Paul must have learned a few things from his Dad:) Really, I think the 2 of you make a wonderful team! Thank you both for hosting us so soon after you had all been sick. Christmas wasn't the same without your family there, so we just couldn't wait any longer to see you!

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