Tuesday, January 1, 2013


We celebrated Christmas Eve on Friday the 21st and Christmas Day on Saturday the 22nd this year (as we had plans to be traveling the rest of the week).  Here a glimpse into our celebration:-)

On "Christmas Eve" Summer and I made turtle cookies to take to all the family we would be seeing.  They are a delicious toddler friendly recipe of pretzels, rolo candies, and pecans, and she was such a big helper unwrapping the Rolos and placing them on the pretzels!  Even though we ended up tossing the cookies when we decided that Summer had a flu bug (we didn't want to chance infecting anyone), Summer and I had a lot of fun making them together and talking about what Christmas means :-).
Making pretzel Rolo cookies

The finished product

Here is a little video of Summer and making the cookies and talking about why we celebrate Christmas.

We tried to talk about the Christmas story a LOT throughout December this year, using nativity pieces to act it out, and reading the story from several different versions of the Bible.  Here is a clip of us talking about the Christmas story.
Spaghetti for Christmas Eve!

Making our second annual graham cracker house
 Here is a video of the start of the graham cracker house...

Lookin' good!
The kids have been enjoying splashing each other during bath time....here is a little clip of bath time on our "Christmas Eve":
And now...Christmas morning!!!  Here is a collection of videos and pictures to remember our first Christmas as a family of four....after opening presents we headed to the zoo!




Colton got a car on his 1st Christmas that "matches" the one Summer got on her 1st Christmas!

Waving to the penguin

Reading books in the bee hive

Slide in the bee hive

Playing in the honey comb

Look at me!

Climbing through the log in the tropics trail
My favorite part of Christmas is spending time together as a family. :-)


The Baum Family said...

#1. LOVE the happy smiles. :)
#2. LOVE Summer's beautiful manners. You guys are such great parents! :)
#3. Missed seeing you SO SO SO much. Rowan was so disappointed when he woke up on the 27th... so was Cruz.

Hope you are all feeling so much better!

Jill said...

Darling post. Thanks for sharing your Christmas celebration! Kiddos are precious. Love Colton playing with the paper!! Summer did a great job of saying thank you.

The Mac-Trans said...

What a great multi-tasker Summer is, hehe!

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