Friday, January 25, 2013

A few updates

Lest I are a few updates....

-Colton is officially weaned!  He is loving solid foods and eats 3 meals a day with no snacks or nursings in between.

-The kids are (finally!!!!) napping at the same time in the afternoon!  (They used tag team...Colton 12pm-2pm, Summer 2pm-4pm, Colton 4pm-6pm).  Now they both go down around 2 pm.  That gives me a good hour every day to tutor or have time to myself, and it is AMAZING!

-We are in the midst of a battle of the wills in "Operation Picky" at our house.  In the past, we told Summer that if she didn't like her dinner, she had to eat one bite of whatever was in front of her, and then sit with everyone until everyone else was done, and she didn't get anything else to eat.  She did well with that, but we fell into a pattern of her tanking at lunch (because she loves PBJ, etc) and then choosing not to eat her dinner.  So our new strategy is that whatever was for dinner the previous night, if not eaten, reappears at lunch the next day.  It is working quite well :-).


Jill said...

Once again, good job parenting, Kelly and Paul! Trying to stay one step ahead of Summer is not an easy job. :)

The O'Connor Family said...

Great strategy for the picky eating problem, Kel! Definitely gonna remember this one for the future! :)

Maggie said...

Growing up we had to eat it whenever we wanted our next food--including breakfast! My parents said it only took a couple breakfasts of casserole to get us off that track. I think we were prob a little older than summer when they used that trick though! Also, my mom said that if she knew she was making a dinner that one of us particularly would not want to eat, she would make pudding and put it in little cups in front of each of our plates--great motivation! :) I like reading about your parenting ideas!

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