Tuesday, January 22, 2013

On the Move

At 9.5 months, Colton is officially crawling!  While he has been mobile (scooching backwards and turning to reach for things) for several months, he finally now can go forward, and he has the crawl position down :-).

Here is his first crawl (January 19th) at a condo my parents rented down in Florida:

Now that we are home he is LOVING being able to go from room to room on his own instead of waiting to be carried :-).  Here he is excitedly crawling down the hallway this morning:

Colton puts everything in his mouth (while Summer never did) and he also has a big sister with small toys (which Summer didn't) so I am a bit more nervous about his crawling than I was about Summer.  However, Summer is SUCH a great helper, telling me EVERYTHING that EVERYONE is doing ALL the time :-), so it is comforting to know that she will immediately tell me if she sees Colton put something he shouldn't (or should!!) in his mouth!!!

Way to go, Colt!  It's a whole new world now....! :-)


Jill said...

That little guy is so giggly and happy and it was a joy and blessing to be in FL with the whole family for this very special "first". Go, Colton Buddy!!

The O'Connor Family said...

Yay, go Colton! Welcome to the world of crawling!! Looking forward to seeing you guys SOON! :)

LaDonna said...

Yay Colton!! I love his giggles:)

The Baum Family said...

Love the videos!!!! Go Colton! Love the spit up too... Classic! :)

The Mac-Trans said...

So sweet! What a big boy:)

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