Thursday, January 10, 2013

Mommy Date

Summer and Mommy went on a Mommy-date this morning to go see Sesame Street Live: Elmo Can't Stop Singing!  We have been talking about it for weeks, and I'm not sure whether she was more excited about the show or the fact that we got to ride on a train (light rail) :-).

This morning the first thing Summer said when she woke up was, "We get to go on our date now!"  .  The show started at 10:30, but the Play Zone opened an hour before the show at 9:30 so we got there then.  Two of Summer's friends (Addison and Adry) also went on Mommy dates to see the show too, so we got some fun pictures with the girls!
Waiting for the "train" (lightrail)

Sitting on the lightrail

Addison and Summer waiting for the doors to open

Summer, Addison, and Adry

123 Sesame Street

Peeking out of Big Bird's Nest

Watching one of the Sesame Street characters dancing from inside garbage cans with Oscar

The girls had fun holding hands 3 across and walking around before the show started.  Of course as soon as I got out my camera they stopped :-)

Watching the show
I love my little girl so much and hope for many more Mommy-dates!  Huge thanks to Grandma Kirkwood for hanging out with Colton while we girls went out on the town :-)


Kristin K said...

So fun!!! I love the excitement on Sum's face in the first picture. :) Were you downtown?? You shoulda let me know! :)

Jill said...

Ah, don't thank me. I was so blessed to have Colton all to myself today. What a happy boy! And, therefore, a happy granadma. :)

The Baum Family said...

How fun!!! One on one time is so special!

The O'Connor Family said...

Cute! Looks like you guys had such a fun day together! Love seeing Summer with her friends!!!

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