Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Our first sticker chart

We have been working on obedience with Summer lately....

Paul and I ran up against a wall this weekend, where defiance seemed to be rampant, and time after time Summer would disobey and enjoy seeing what negative consequences would ensue.  One evening Paul and I sat down and made a new plan.....instead of ONLY having negative consequences for disobeying, we would try adding positive consequences for obeying.

While I have always disliked sticker charts (I find them lots of work, I don't want my kids to always look for a reward when they do something right, and they seem to peter out, etc....) I decided to give one a try.

Here is how our sticker chart works:
Each time Summer chooses to say "Yes Mommy" or "Yes Daddy" and be obedient, (when she normally would say "no") she gets a sticker.  We keep the sticker chart and stickers on the fridge, and after she picks one out and puts it on the chart, we sing the "obedience" song and dance around the kitchen. (She loves it :-) ... especially the dancing/singing part!).

While we used to watch a DVD (veggie tales or Baby Einstein) once every few days, now DVD's are a reward only....when she gets 20 stickers, she gets to pick a DVD to watch. (It is good practice in counting to count our stickers every time we put one on and watching a DVD is motivation for her to get 20 stickers!) 

I have noticed a dramatic increase in obedience and a dramatic decrease in negative punishments (which still do occur, but much less frequently as she is "choosing good behavior" instead.)  I really like that I can "head off" a potential battle by prefacing a request by saying, "Summer, here is a chance for you to earn a sticker!  If you say "yes, mommy" when mommy says its time for you to change your diaper, you get a sticker.  If you say no, you will get a time-out.  Think about what you will say."  Then I make my request :-)

Today she earned her first DVD by getting her 20th sticker.  It was cute to watch her face as she called daddy at work to tell him the good news :-) 

Here is a little video of her introducing the sticker chart.  The song we sing when we put stickers on the chart is  Steve Green's song of  Ephesians 6:1-3, so that is the verse she is quoting :-).


Jill said...

Aw, good job with the sticker chart and positive reinforcement, Kel and Paul! And good job reciting your obedience verse, Summer. Grandma is proud of you for obeying Mommy and Daddy! And, Colton, it was fun to hear your little voice on the video, too. :)

Lisa said...

She is too cute! Yay for Summer for remembering that! And yay for Mom and Dad for problem solving!

Kay said...

Summer, you did such a great job earning all of those stickers! love hearing you sing such a nice song too!

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