Friday, December 14, 2012

Kiddie Christmas Party

Ms. LaDonna hosted a Christmas party again for the kids, just like last year.  It is fun to compare how much they have grown and changed, and now we have an additional 5 little siblings (soon to be 6 as Ms. Bridget is due with Leyla's little sibling in a month!)

We started off the morning getting the kids all dressed up in their Christmas attire and taking a few pictures, only to realize that the dress I bought for Summer last fall at a garage sale was too small!  Even though it didn't button in the back, I still took a few pictures because I loved the dress too much!  (Then, for the party, I changed Summer into a different dress I found at a consignment sale last fall that DID fit!)


At Ms. Ladonna's, there were 10 toddlers + 4 babies for a total of 14 kids under the age of 3!  It was definitely fun!!!  It was also the first time we got to meet Lilly's little sister Amelia, 3.5 weeks old...

Ms. Tara and Amelia....LOVE the boots!!!
and it was also the first time Colton got to meet his new buddy Brody (2.5 weeks old, Addison's little brother).

Colton 8 months, Brody 2.5 weeks
Here is a picture of Colton with his buddy Rylan...

Colton 8 months, Rylan 4 months

 The kids had fun playing and eating snacks, and we Mommy's had fun catching up on life :-).  

Summer, Leyla, and Noelle

Colton and Brody

My favorite two kiddos!

 Here is our infamous "couch picture" with the toddlers....
On the couch from left to right: Brandon, Sydney, Adry, Addison, Summer, Noelle, and Faith.  In front of the couch from left to right: Lilly, Leyla, Cassedy

 And here is the first "couch picture" with the lil' sib's....
Amelia, Rylan, Colton, Brody
Thank you, LaDonna for hosting the craziness!  So fun to see everyone (although we did miss seeing Ms. Kaity, Adelyn and Baby Ian)!  We are so blessed to know each of you, and are so thankful God brought you into our lives.


Jill said...

What a wonderful party and a great looing group of kiddos. I always look forward to the traditional couch pose. :) So much fun to see how big the toddlers are and then to see the next wave of babies!

Unknown said...

So much fun to see all the kiddos together - what a bunch of cuties!

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