Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Summer is learning... a lot!  Not much escapes her attention, and she often will remind me of things I have forgotten, including names of people we have met!  Her "wheels" are always turning as she continually processes information and makes connections about what we are seeing/doing/hearing.  Character-wise, we are working a lot on obedience lately.  When she disobeys, instead of getting a time-out as she used to, she gets something of importance taken away for a time.  Then each time she wants to play with that item, it is an opportunity for us to discuss again why it was taken away and that obedience is important.  Then, when the item is given back, (after naptime for a morning offense and the next morning for an evening offence) the slate is wiped clean.  You can tell what kind of day we are having by how many stuffed animals and other items are on top of the dresser  :-).  I think this technique seems to be working in getting her to constantly think about how important obedience is.  It also allows me to provide a consequence when the disobedience occurs in a place that is inconvenient for me to give her a time out, such as in the store or at church.  I hope and pray that God works in her little heart so that she desires to do right from the inside out!  We talk about how Summer needs to obey Mommy and Daddy, and Mommy and Daddy need to obey God, and when Summer obeys Mommy and Daddy she is obeying God too.  Summer is also learning a lot about counting (we are working on counting up to 25) and starting to write her letters.  She is getting better at tracing.  Here are two videos of during "tot-school" this morning...she is very focused as she traces in the first video, and erases in the second.  She loves the dry erase markers!



Jill said...

Today my comment is not about Summer. It's about Summer's mommy!! Kelly, I am so proud of how you are parenting Summer. You are doing a great job, one that is so God-honoring! Summer is blessed to have you for a mom and I am blessed to have you for a daughter.

The Baum Family said...

My kitchen counter had a similar collection of toys for a similar reason today. Obedience is a struggle here lately too. You are an amazing mom, Kel! :)

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