Thursday, December 13, 2012

Favorite Moment

My favorite moment of today was tonight at dinner...we sat down, prayed, and then the conversation was started by Summer tonight, completely unprompted.  It went something like this:

Summer: "Hi Daddy!  How was your day?"
Daddy: "It was pretty good!"
Summer: "What was your project?"
Daddy: ...named some of the companies he was working with....
Summer: "Hi Mommy!  Good to see you!"
Mommy: ...laughing....
Summer: "How was your day?"
Mommy: "It was good!.....laughing...."

We have been working on having Summer ask people questions, but this was the first time it was COMPLETELY unprompted!  Pretty cute to see our little 2 year old asking us questions....Totally made my night :-)


Jill said...

Love that little girl! You and Paul are such great parents to teach Summer at this young age how to focus on other people. Summer also asked me today when I was there how my day was. I was happy to tell her that when I'm with her, my day is always good. :)

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