Sunday, December 9, 2012

December Fun

We had a fun December weekend baking Christmas cookies and playing in our first big snowfall today (we got over 12 inches of snow!)  Here are a few pictures and videos....

These first two videos are of Summer and Daddy's dance party on Friday night...Summer was teaching Daddy how to dance....!

On Saturday we went to Grandma and Grandpa Kirkwood's house for a big cookie baking party!  Here are a few pictures (Thanks, Grandma!).

The kids had fun playing with Grandma's toys

Auntie Kristin and Grandpa working on the cornflake wreaths

Uncle Eric and I working on the the peanut butter Hershey kiss cookies

Summer coloring

Auntie Kristin, Colton, and Tucker

Working on getting the frosting just the right consistency

Auntie Kristin made an engagement ring sugar cookie

Frosting the butter cookies

Cuddle time

On Sunday we played out in the snow after church.  It was Colton's first time in the snow, and Summer's first time this year...she has been looking at pictures of when we played in the snow LAST year and was so excited for it to snow again!  Here are a few pictures and videos.... 

Daddy making a snow angel for Summer...(p.s. I love this guy :-) )

The boys

Daddy and Summer

The "first" time Paul cleared our driveway!  It just kept snowing....!

This video shows Tucker racing around, and Summer favorite the snow off everything!

Colton's first time in the snow...


Jill said...

Darling post. Loved the dancing videos and the snow videos! Grandpa and I sure enjoyed having everyone over for cookie day yesterday, too. Such fun memories! Love to all!

Kristin K said...

Haha!!! Colty in the snow is hilarious!!!

The O'Connor Family said...

LOVE Colton in the snow!!!!!

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