Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Cookie Decorating Party

Summer's friend Eli had a Cookie Decorating Party yesterday!  It was so cute to see all the toddlers decorating cookies together!  Ms. Erica made a bunch of sugar cookies and the toddlers frosted and sprinkled tons of cookies (along with their faces and hands, the table and chairs, and the floor :-).  Here are a few pictures:

Summer's first cookie....a little cookie with her sprinkles!
Some of Summer's cookes

The best part....eating them!
Thank you, Ms. Erica and Eli for inviting us to join in the fun!


Sarah said...

Fun! My mom used to lay sheets on the floor and we decorated cookies there. It made for much easier clean-up :)

Love the cookies!

Jill said...

Sweetest cookies ever! :)

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