Monday, December 10, 2012

Happy 8 months Colton!

I love this little guy!!!  He is so smiley, laughs a ton, super cuddly, and just an overall sweetheart!  Happy 8 months little buddy!

**This month he is completely sitting up on his own, eating meat, scooching all over backwards and turning, loves his jumper, entertains himself chewing on toys, is getting his two canine top teeth, is just starting to cry a bit when mommy leaves the room (but is easily distracted), can sit up in the bath tub now, takes two naps a day (usually 10ish and 2ish), is still waking up at night for a bit of crying but puts himself back to sleep, loves all food, sturdy when standing, and my favorite little boy :-).

**Just a disclaimer...I know there are stairs in the background of this picture...they are farther away than they appear!  I plopped him here for a picture real quick today and realized later that it appears very dangerous!  I never let him play in front of the stairs :-).


The O'Connor Family said...

Can't wait to see that smiley face in person at Christmas! He is just too cute, Kel! P.S. thanks for adding the disclaimer!! The first thing I thought was, "man he is close to those stairs"!!! :)

The Baum Family said...

What a doll baby! I thought nothing about the stairs...haha. :)

Jill said...

Absolutely love that adorable little guy. Happy 8 months, Colton!!

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