Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Baby Christmas Party


This morning we went to a "baby Christmas party" with Summer's friends at LaDonna and Addison's house!  It was so much fun!  LaDonna decorated her house so pretty with all sorts of Christmas decorations and even made each of the babies an ornament with their name on it!  All the babies wore their Christmas dresses/outfits and we moms had a lot of fun taking pictures!!  The babies had a lot of fun playing with Addison's toys and eating yummy snacks.  We missed Faith, Noelle, and Lily, but all of the other babies were able to make it, which made for a grand total of 7 babies between 12 and 18 months----soooo cute to see them all together!  I am sooo thankful to have met each one of these moms!!!  Here are a few pictures. :)

Kait, Adelyn, and Luc

Kristine and Sydney

Rachael and Adry

Summer and Mommy

Leyla and Bridget

Jade and Brandon

LaDonna and Addison

From left to right, Summer, Leyla, Adry, Adelyn, Addison, Sydney, and Brandon.

 Here are a few epic couch shots!

 A few close-ups from left-to-right....


Kristin K said...

Who is the baby girl on the far left?!? She is sooo cute. :)

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