Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Zoo and Counting News

Zoo news:

Today Summer and I went to the zoo.  As much as I am impatient for our little son to get here (two weeks from today is our due date!), I am trying to really enjoy the freedom we have to go and do before he comes!  We started at the dolphins and penguins, Summer's two favorites, and then moved onto the outdoor park (first time we've gotten to play there this spring).  Here are a few pictures....

Just us girls....(well I suppose I am carrying a little boy too!)

Climbing in the big bird's nest with Brandon

Look who is hatching out of the egg!
Counting News:

We came home for lunch and Summer was a good eater and got to have an M&M cookie.  I mentioned in another post that Summer likes to count everything....already today we have counted her cereal, her pieces of turkey, the buses we saw driving to the zoo, etc.  Well today for lunch was the first time she counted by herself.  Here is her dialogue counting the M&M's in her cookie....

Summer: "M&M's!  Count 'em. one!"

I was pretty impressed as usually I do the counting :)


LaDonna said...

Yay for counting!! So fun watching them discover new things on their own:-)

Jill said...

I am soooo proud of Summer!! Wow, counting by herself at 19 1/2 months!

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