Monday, March 19, 2012

Baby Shower

I have the most thoughtful mommy friends :).  Yesterday my friend Jade planned a "just for fun" baby shower/party for me and my friend Kaity (due with a baby boy just 3 weeks after me).  It was a "just for fun" shower because we asked that people not bring gifts, as this will be both of our second babies, so it was planned to be purely a fun celebration of the new little lives that will be joining us in the next two months.  People were so thoughtful in finding little ways to make us feel special with homemade blessings and just being there to celebrate with us!  Jade put sooo much time and thought into all the decorations, food, game, favors, etc and made it a really fun celebration for the birth of Kaity's and my spring babies!  We had a lot of fun hanging out, and baby's two Grandma's and my sister got to be there too.  I am TRULY blessed by the friendships of everyone as we all raise our first kids together, and several of us move onto raising kid #2.  My mom is always so good to take pictures, so I will share some of the ones she took.  Thank you everyone for making Baby and I feel so special and loved!

FOOD! :)  Yum!

Little blue touches everywhere :)

Baby BOY!
Kaity and I and our boys :)

Jade, the hostess, with Kaity and I
Sisters :)

Baby's two Grandmas and Me
Kaity, Me, Bridget, Rachael...

LaDonna, Kristine, Joy
Thanks everyone!!!!


Jill said...

Yes, you do have amazing and thoughtful friends. It was so much fun to get to know them better. What a wonderful job Jade did with all of her creative touches! So much fun to celebrate the two upcoming baby boys!!

The Mac-Trans said...

OMG do I REALLY look like that?! AHHH!!

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