Wednesday, March 14, 2012

36 Week Ultrasound

With Summer, we only got one ultrasound (20 weeks), however at my 36 week check-up for this little guy, my doctor requested another ultrasound because I was measuring small and they just wanted to make sure everything was ok.  (Normally the mom's belly is supposed to measure 36 cm at 36 weeks, and I was measuring 31 cm).  Long story short, everything is GREAT, baby is healthy, and the currently estimate him to be 5lbs 10oz at 36 weeks.  If he comes full term (40 weeks) like Summer did, I would guess him to be around an 8lb baby just like Summer! 

I love trying to explain everything to Summer.  When we go for our check-up's, I always tell her we are going to go "listen to baby", so now every time we drive or jog past our doctor's office, she says "listen baby".  It's pretty cute!  On the way to the ultrasound I told Summer that we were going to see pictures/video of baby moving in mommy's tummy.  Here are a few clips of Summer's view of the ultrasound. :)

Driving to the ultrasound

Walking into the ultrasound
 ***We couldn't tell exactly what her last words were in this video, but after listening to it again, I think she was talking about seeing "fishies" at the doctor's office....sooooo..... is a clip of our 36 week appointment a few days ago when she DID get to see fishies....this might be what she was thinking she would see today!

Waiting for the ultrasound and eating breakfast (she calls Apple Jacks "donuts")

It is fun to try to catch a glimpse of what Summer thinks of all this!  We know she loves babies, and we think she understands that there is a baby in mommy's tummy....this link is my favorite picture to show Summer as we compare the picture to mommy's tummy, she says "baby in there"!


Jill said...

Cute post!! I love how Summer enjoys the doctor's office because of the fishies and books. :) I chuckle as I realize Baby Boy weighs now what Kristin did when she was born. :) He is due 4 weeks from today so it's getting closer!!

Janette said...

I love the little wiggle she gave when you asked if she was "cited"! :)

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