Monday, March 19, 2012

Weekend with Grandma and Grandpa Tommedahl

Grandma and Grandpa Tommerdahl came for a visit this weekend!  We also got to see Uncle Javonte, Uncle Ty, and Auntie Sarah too.  Grandma brought their little dog Roco, a definite favorite for Summer!  Summer (literally) ran around with Grandma and Grandpa the entire weekend playing at the park, making piles of sticks, running around the yard, throwing the frisbee for Tucker, playing dollies, finding Waldo, having tea parties, and more!  The first word out of her mouth Sunday morning when she woke up was, "Grandma?" to which I said, "Yes, Grandma is still here!"  Here are a few pictures.

Grandma and Summer before Church on Sunday
Tea Party with Grandma and Grandpa

Finding Waldo in "Where's Waldo"
Playing Frisbee with Tucker

Drawing Letters in the dirt (our vegetable garden from last year)

The letter "A"

More letters

An oval, an "O" and a "0"!
After all the playing in the dirt, Summer definitely needed a bath!  Grandma and Grandpa found Summer a bathtime coloring set (combining two of Summer's loves--bathtime and coloring).  Summer LOVES it!  The crayons color on a washable placemat that clings to the bath tub wall.


Jill said...

Looks like a wonderful visit and I loved seeing all of you, too. Next time we see you we'll be celebrating the birth of our first grandson!!

Kay said...

Summer is great entertainment! Very very sweet:) Can't wait to see her baby brother!!! - Enjoyed having Auntie Sarah and Uncle Ty hang out for the day too! "2 Grandmas" in one place and then to see Kristin at the shower...she is pretty good at pictionary. Fun to hang out at the shower with all those wondul young Moms! Well done Jade!

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