Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Silliness and Sweetness

 Here, Daddy is wearing Summer's hair bow and Summer thinks its pretty funny!

Summer has been cracking us up lately with her little one-liners.  Here are a few I can think of....

  1. Tonight when she wanted to go play outside, she brought her shoes over to me and said, "Shoes on, Babe."  (Which is what I tell her!)
  2. Tonight we asked her, "Summer, what is your name?"  She replied, "John". (??????? No idea!)
  3. A few days ago, after nap, I heard her shouting at the top of her lungs.  I went into her room and she was looking out the window shouting, "FAITH, come on in!"  (Our neighbor girls are Faith and Noelle).   I don't think Faith could here her, but Summer was trying!
Here are a few sweet memories over the last few days....

  1. Summer said, "Tucker hug" and proceeded to "try" to hug our wriggly pup.
  2. Summer cuddled with me after her nap, stroked my arm, and said, "hi sweetie".
  3. Tonight she started swinging the infant swing (we have it set up for baby now) and gently singing "Rock-a-bye, tree top".
Here is a picture of Daddy and Summer watching our first big rainstorm since Summer understands the concept of rain.


Kay said...

Maybe Summer wants the baby's name to be John???

Jill said...

Definitely sweetness! :) And cuteness! :)

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