Thursday, March 8, 2012

Big Girl Room Transfer = Success!

Well, Summer has now slept in her big girl bed for all naps and bedtimes for 10 days!  So far, so good!  She had been so excited to sleep in her big girl bed, and the excitement seems to have stuck around even after the transfer!

Here is a little clip of her in her big girl bed the first night.

It was fun to get video, however as soon as she saw the camera she knew something was up and wanted to get out of bed!!  However, after a little hug and cuddle time, we put her back down for a second time.  She successfully slept through that first night, and when she woke up the next morning, she came and stood by the gate to the entrance of the door waiting for mommy!  

I used her pillows to "barricade" her into her bed a little better during her nap the following day, and she didn't try to get out at all.

In the past 10 nights, she has only gotten up once after we put her to bed.....about an hour after her bedtime on the third night in her new bed, Paul heard a little whispered "hi" from the end of the hallway....she was peeking out over the gate to her doorway!  He put her back in bed and explained firmly that she needed to stay in bed.  She nodded, and hasn't tried to get out since!   In fact, at the end of all naps and all but 2 mornings, she has waited for me to come get her, playing quietly in her bed.  

Time will tell, but so far she loves her bed, loves being "cuddled in" when we tuck her in, and seems to sleep really well in it!  YAY!

Meanwhile, I have been adding blue touches to the yellow and green nursery we set up for Summer to make it ready for our little boy, due in less than 5 weeks now!


Jill said...

You and Paul are great parents and you've made Summer a very secure and confident little girl so I'm not surprised at how well the transition went. She had already come to love her big girl room before even the first night she slept in it.

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