Sunday, December 8, 2019

Tribute to Uncle Jordan

We are so, so, so, so sad that Uncle Jordan is no longer with us on this earth.  We will miss him SO, so much.  Uncle Jordan (Paul's brother) passed away the day before Thanksgiving, and so I decided to collect some videos, pictures, and memories here that we can come back and look at.  We love you, Uncle Jordan.

This is my favorite recent memory of Uncle Jordan.  This summer, he came to the Burnsville Splash Pad with us, laid on his tummy in the water, and helped the kids dig out "treasures' that were stuck under the bridge.  Here they are displaying their treasures.
I also loved training for a marathon with him, and the rest of the tommerdahl/crabtree siblings.
We loved watching him as part of the "dunk team" for the MN Timberwolves!  He got us great seats!

He was a fun tubing buddy at the lake!
And so fun to play with in the water!

He was so sweet to attend the kid's programs (pictured here, Colton's 1st grade concert)

He supported the kiddos in their little soccer games :)
And he supported the kids in their many church musicals
And was there when Summer got baptized
He celebrated so many kiddo birthdays with us!
He was a great story teller!

He taught Colton how to skateboard
He helped assemble Larkyn's Elsa bike she got for her birthday

And he was right there to share in the excitement of seeing Colton's new bike he picked out with Grandma and Grandpa T :)
He was such a fun uncle from the very beginning...with baby Summer....

....with baby Colton....

....with baby Larkyn.

And Continued to make so many memories...


Catching a "Summer" fish

High fives!

Family cuddles

Hiding Easter Eggs

Decorating Eggs

Reading books

And more icecream!

Jordan absolutely loved music and was so talented, and he loved making music with the family and with our kids.

From guitar and drums with toddler Colton...

to having so much  patience with our littles who loved his guitar....

The kids loved singing with him.
This summer, they put on a "show" with songs they wrote and he graciously accompanied.  He was such a good sport!  Here are videos of a song he did with each of the kids this summer, written by them.  (Note, Colton got stung by a bee, hence his swollen eye!)


Jordan was so musically talented, from guitar, to piano, to vocals, and more!  He even picked up his grandpa's old accordion this past spring, figured it out, and added it to some songs with his band.  We are so grateful to have so many songs he recorded to listen to.  I love his voice.  Going WAY back, I found this fun video of Paul, Sarah, and Jordan singing about the time I joined the family....

Paul, Sarah, and Jordan singing in church

I also have many fond memories of the Tommerdahl siblings making up fun silly games, like trying to bounce ping pong balls into cups or compete in silly challenges someone made up.  One night they made a human ramp! 

Human Ramp

I will always remember how much Jordan loved wearing plaid, which makes this family picture a memorable one!

I will conclude with the family's favorite memories of Jordan...

Larkyn: I liked when he wrote songs with us and sang them with us.
Colton: I liked when he took me skateboarding
Summer: I liked when he came over and made macaroni and cheese and danced with me to Disney Songs
Kelly: I loved watching him play with the kids, especially when he laid on his stomach at the splash pad and helped the kids rescue toys caught under the bridge
Paul: I can't pick one, there are too many!
*When Jordan caught his muskie
*Road trip to Chicago to see a soccer game
*Dressing him up in lots of stuff when he was little
*backyard sports
*taking him storm chasing
*and thousands more!

We miss you so bad, it hurts.  Love you, Jordan.


Carolee said...

What a great collection of memories that make your heart full of love and smiles. Continue to add more. And, listen to the songs when you miss hearing him.

Kay said...

This is so beautiful Kelly! Than you for sharing so many good memories with us today. Love you all so much. Even got a few giggles out of this today.

Kristen Krueger said...

Beautiful, Kelly. Thinking of you all and praying for you as you navigate the loss with your kiddos, and for you and Paul.

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