Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Christmas in Fergus Falls

We spent the weekend after Christmas in Fergus Falls celebrating Christmas with the Tommerdahl side!  This year was bittersweet as it was our first Christmas without Uncle Jordan and also our first Christmas with cousin Owen (9 months).  We had times of sadness missing our brother/Uncle and times of joy with cousins, fun, and family.  The sadness and joy mixed together as we drew close as a family to share both the ups and downs.   This post will focus on the highlights of our weekend (of which their were SO many!) but let it not be minimized that through it all we truly missed the member of our family that is no longer on earth to enjoy it with us.

Starting off the weekend right with our traditional fondue dinner!

We all enjoyed lots of time with Boston cousin Owen who LOVES music!

Summer loved making cinnamon star bread with Auntie Sarah

And traditional Lefse with Grandpa!
 We were snowed in all 4 days of our visit, but the kids had SO much fun playing in the snow....snowball competitions, sled rides behind the four-wheeler, snowmen, snow forts, and more!

When the kids weren't playing outside they were reading, or running/jumping around the house trying to beat eachothers' steps with their new fitbits from Grandma and Grandpa T!  They were super excited about their zoo membership (and can't wait to go!)!  Colton loves and wears his new cross necklace all over (his first one he lost and he specifically requested a new one for Christmas!) and the girls loved their hair chalk and spent much of the time doing hair ;).   They were also excited about their gift cards and more from GeeGee Sandy and tickets to the Children's Museum from Auntie Sarah and Uncle Ty!  After gift-opening we had a delicious ham and mashed potato dinner and then the hair salon began.....

The last evening we worked together to assemble a 600 piece puzzle and had a great time!

 Thank you Grandma and Grandpa T for all the generous gifts, great food, and awesome family time!  We loved being there with you!


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