Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Christmas Eve

On Christmas Eve we enjoyed sleeping in, a big family breakfast, ice skating, our candlelight service at church, take-out Thai-food/Kraft Mac 'n Cheese dinner, and making our annual graham cracker houses.  The kids opened up one present (new jammies), and then Paul and I spent the evening after the kids went to bed wrapping presents! :)

 Memory: Paul, Colton, and I were playing hockey and we only have one real stick and two plastic sticks....well Paul broke one of the plastic sticks and ended up playing the rest of the afternoon using the shaft/stick in one hand and the blade in the other, hunching over, and managing to somehow still move the puck - I could NOT stop laughing!  Summer took the following video.  We had so much fun!

New Jammies!

Presents under the tree!

Stockings Stuffed!
Merry Almost-Christmas!


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