Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Preparing For Christmas!


My mom coordinated family pictures with a photographer (Angela Ross Photography) from their church, and had the photographer take pictures of our family of 5 too!

Summer, 9

Colton, 7

Larkyn, 5


While Daddy got the lights strung...
We watched and read the first of our Jesse Tree Advent passages from the Bible.  We tried to read one each day leading up to Christmas to remember how Jesus is the focal point of God's big story in the Bible.  It's always fun to watch the kids gain more understanding each year as they see how all the Bible stories and prophecies point toward Jesus!
Each advent reading from our Jesse Tree book corresponds with pictorial representation of that reading made into a felt ornament that we hang on a twig tree in our kitchen to remind us of that portion of God's big story.  Day 1 is a picture of the earth, because God creating the earth started his story.

Hanging ornaments on the Christmas tree!  Our tree is an eclectic collection of homemade ornaments and memory ornaments from various years and events.  This year we have a special ornament hung on the tree to remember Uncle Jordan.

Being silly with their stockings!

 Making Cookies!

Each year we make up plates of cookies to deliver to the neighbors....

And then we go caroling to deliver the cookies to the dozen or so houses surrounding ours!

 Making Christmas Gifts

Each year the kids make Christmas gifts for grandparents, great-grandparents, aunts, and uncles.  This year they made handwarmers.  They started by each choosing a cute fabric, and then cutting it into small squares.

They sewed two squares together.  Summer and Colton learned to be completely self-sufficient with the sewing machine, even re-threading the needle when it came un-done.

Larkyn's foot didn't reach the pedal, so sometimes she worked the pedal while I sewed, and sometimes visa versa!

After they sewed three sides of the hand warmer together, they stuffed them with rice and dried lavender (to smell good!).

And finished by sewing the final side closed, and using pinking shears to clip the edges so they didn't come unraveled (and so they looked pretty, like little ravioli's!)

They wrapped them up, and Summer wrote a little poem to go with them that talked about putting the hand warmers in the microwave "Christmas-y quick" and pulling them out after "twenty seconds tick" to share with their gift-receivers how to use their hand warmers!

Pictured here are the kids when they gave Grandma and Grandpa K the hand warmers they made for them!

Christmas Cards

This was the front of our Christmas Card this year 

Back of 2019 Christmas Card

The kids love seeing each new Christmas card go up on the wall where we can see them while we eat!

Mr. Ken's Museum

Each year we go to our neighbor, Mr. Ken's house, and see all his Christmas decorations.  The kids love playing with the old fashioned toys and seeing what new additions Mr. Ken has each year.  He gifted them each with large bags of Christmas candy and fun Santa headbands!!

At School

I got to help out in Summer's class as they learned needle pointing and made Christmas ornaments.

Larkyn's class read lots of Gingerbread Man stories and even got to make a giant gingerbread man!

Disney on Ice

Grandma and Grandpa T took the kids to see Disney on Ice!


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