Thursday, December 19, 2019

Christmas Musical

We look forward to Chapel Hill Church's Christmas musical every year!  The kids start practicing in early fall, and it is amazing to see it all come together!  This past weekend we were so blessed as many friends, family, neighbors, and even the kids' teachers from school came to support and enjoy the kids' hard work!  This year, the theme of the musical was that even if circumstances aren't going your way, and this year's Christmas doesn't seem as it should be, Jesus showed us he cared (and still cares!) by coming to earth as a baby that first Christmas morning.  Faith in Him won't take away life's problems, but it gives hope for the future, that one day, there won't be pain and suffering anymore, because Jesus defeated death and welcomes into heaven all who trust him as Lord and Savior!

Carrying out this theme were three musical groups competing in a musical sing-off.  The Snowflakes, the Starfish, and the Electrons.  Summer was the leader of the Starfish and thoroughly enjoyed her time on stage acting, singing, and more!  My favorite part was watching her "smack talk" the other team, but she couldn't keep a straight face!  She did a great job playing her part adding in plenty of fun facial expressions and motions.

Colton was not thrilled about being in the musical, as he self-admittedly doesn't love to be on stage.  However he did a great job keeping a positive attitude, and even got a small solo that he gave his all!

Larkyn, like her big sister, LOVES the stage.  She was so excited about her time with just her and the microphone on stage singing a portion of the song "Hallelujah", and due to her small stature and sweet voice, it was very memorable!


Larkyn Solo:

Colton Solo:

Summer Solo:

Summer's favorite line at the end where she wraps up the message of the musical:

One of the Starfish Dances:

Another Starfish Dance

All three singing (based on where they are standing they are all in this video)

We are so thankful for the amazing friends and family that came!

Grandma and Grandpa K, Grandma and Grandpa T, Taylor, Auntie Kristin and Cousin Teddy

Colton's 2nd grade teacher Mrs. Duncan

Summer's 4th grade teacher Mrs. Sherman

Summer's best friend Katie and her little sister Kristin

Our neighbor Mr. Ken

And, a HUGE shout out to the many volunteers that directed, choreographed, taught (and more!) these kids and gave them the opportunity to be in such a fun production to celebrate the birth of Christ!


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Love this so much! All three kiddos did such a great job!

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