Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Obermayer Christmas

After a quick turnaround of laundry and repacking on the evening of the 25th, we headed out early the morning of Monday the 26th to drive to Chicago for the annual Obermayer (my mom's side) family Christmas.  One highlight of this trip for the kids is getting to stay in a hotel and swim in the pool!

On the 27th, we gathered at my Aunt Nancy and Uncle Paul's house.  GeeGee is up to 9 great-grandkids now and they have fun playing together!

It takes four tables to feed us all ;)

Big kids table

Moms and Babies

The hubbies of us cousins and Cousin Kendall

The "adults" :)

The kids enjoyed a "4th" present opening and were excited to have their own Cubbie Bear and Sparkie stuffed friends (mascots from their Wednesday night church club, AWANA) :).  Thank you GeeGee!

The kids also loved their presents from Aunt Nancy and Uncle Paul - a magnetic construction set for Colton, books and a game for Summer, and princess Legos for Larkyn.  We adults enjoyed a grab-bag exchange game complete with a dice round of "steals".  It was fun to see everyone!  We drove home late that evening and home a bit before midnight.  It was a fun season of "Christmas" but it was also fun to look forward to some "home" time to relax and play!


The Baum Family said...

It was so much fun to see you!!! So thankful that your family makes the trek every year! We love you all.

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