Monday, December 5, 2016

Summer piano recital

Summer had her first piano recital on Friday.  She played the Gummy Bear Boogie.  She loved performing!  In her words she was "so excited and a little bit nervous".  She did a great job and she has learned so much this year.  We love her teacher Ms. Marie.

Here is a video of her recital:

We are so grateful to Grandma and Grandpa K and Auntie Sarah and Uncle Ty for coming to support her!

We are also grateful for neighbor Lily, whom we carpool/walk with to school.  Her mom told us about Ms. Marie!  They love each other and Lily did a great job with her song as well!

Colton and Larkyn did an awesome job sitting quietly through the entire hour long recital despite the fact that it started past their normal bedtime!

Great job, Summer!


Kristin Bjorklund said...

So proud of Summer! So bummed I was too sick to be there!

The Baum Family said...

How fun for Summer! She did a great job!

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