Monday, December 5, 2016

Crayola Experience

We had a fun family day at Crayola Experience this past weekend.  At Mall of America, Crayola opened an activity center recently.  I had heard amazing things, found a few months ago, and we went on Saturday.  It was a blast!  We spent 4-5 hours there!  Some of the fun things the kids did included:
  • Creating their own coloring sheet with the kids' picture on it
  • Creating their own color crayon and naming it, and getting to take it home
  • Watching a live presentation on how crayons are made
  • Coloring a digital image that is projected on a giant wall
  • Designing a fashion outfit and/or racecar that then was projected onto a large screen in an "actual" fashion show and "actual" car scene
  • Coloring a puppet, setting it on a magnetic stage, and watching it dance
  • Creating wax spinner art from melted crayons
  • Watercolor ornaments
  • Creating crayons in the shapes of cars and rings and watching the melted crayon fill the mold
  • Playplace
  • Giant LiteBrite
  • and more!  I can't even remember it all!
Here are a few pictures:

The little fairy in the top right was colored by "us" :)  We scanned her in and she flew around us and we took our picture with her :)

Creating a design....

...the design we made "flew" around the wall!

Waiting for her watercolor to come through the dryer

Watching their "puppets" dance

Watching the fashion show where the kids' scanned designs were "worn" by animated people

Colton designed a car instead of an outfit :)

Making different shaped crayons in the molds
 It was such a fun family day, topped off by dinner out at MOA.  I would definitely recommend Crayola Experience! 


Kristin Bjorklund said...

That looks so cool!! And shoot I had a coupon I should have given you if I had know!! ;)

The Baum Family said...

Wow! Looks like a blast!

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