Monday, December 5, 2016

Preschool/Tot School

I love watching Larkyn and Colton at library story time.  They both get very into the stories, rhymes, and songs, sit in the front row, and interact with Ms. Sarah!

I haven't posted in a while about what Larkyn and Colton have been learning in homeschool preschool/tot school.  Colton continues to do amazing at his preschool.  He loves math and is very quick with numbers.  He is starting to enjoy reading, though it is still not his favorite!  He reads one book to me every day and has increased in speed of reading as well as learned rules such as the silent e making the vowel say its name, and endings such as "ing" and "ed".  I don't take many pictures of him, but here are a few cute ones of him doing some science.

oil and water don't mix!

Mixing baking soda and vinegar

We've been practicing how to hold his pencil correctly but this new pencil grip a blogger recommended finally did the trick!

Larkyn has started to enjoy doing puzzles.  For the longest time, she would get frustrated so quickly if a piece was turned and wouldn't fit in, but now she really enjoys when we do them together.  We often bring puzzles to play with together during Colton's Amazing Athletes class, during her older siblings' Christmas musical practice, or to Summer's gymnastics class.  She also has been getting better at counting and the beginnings of tracing her name through the use of dot markers and candy corn letters (which she loves!).

Here is a video of Mommy, Colton, and Larkyn counting as Larkyn makes her dot marker number book, where she makes the correct number of "dots" to represent each number:

Of course, all three kids LOVE baking, and we do lots of that this time of year, so I'll end with a few baking pictures.

Larkyn's first time helping with the annual Rolo cookies.

She did an entire tray by herself and loved it!

Summer and Colton took turns helping with the sugar cookies.


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