Friday, February 13, 2015

Kiddie Valentine's Day Party

Kids are VERY excited for the Valentine's Day party and have been looking forward to it for weeks!
 We had our 4th annual Valentine's Day kiddie party today (click on these links to see pictures from the first, second, and third annual Valentine's day parties) - and wow, has the group of kids grown!  Several of us met through ECFE when our "firsts" were under a year old...and this morning our army of kids numbered 19 with two more on the way this coming summer/fall!  It was definitely "crazy" fun today!

We have been talking about our Valentine's Day party for weeks now, and the kids excitedly worked on getting their Valentine's Day boxes and Valentine's all ready to go.

Summer chose to make a princess castle Valentine's Day box

She put a picture of Belle on the back

Colton wanted to make a Mater (the toe truck from the movie Cars) box

He did a great job coloring the wheels

And he especially liked Mater's "hook"

Larkyn was happy with her piggy Valentine's day box :)

To pass out to friends, Summer picked princess pretzel Valentines and wrote the labels by herself.  Colton picked cars pretzel Valentines and stuck the labels on himself.  We all helped make Larkyn's heart Valentines.

Valentine's from the kids

 Ms. Kristine hosted our Valentine's Day party this year and has the perfect hill in her backyard for sledding!
The kids LOVED the sledding and would have kept sledding had it not been time to move inside for the rest of the party!

It was the perfect size hill that they could climb back up all by themselves


Ms. Kristine organized a scavenger hunt with each kid's name on a heart somewhere in the house.  They had to find their name and turn in their heart for a prize.  Summer's was hidden on an end table.

Colton's was hidden under the dining room table.

The kids then "delivered mail", passing out their Valentine's

Both S and C liked this part :)

Ms. Kristine was a saint to have 19 kids (all 4 and under!) eating in her home...

The house was pretty quiet while they were eating!

The annual "couch" picture!

And of course one of the best parts of a Valentine's Day party is getting home and opening up their Valentines.
The kids got quite a few!
A huge thank you to Ms. Kristine for hosting the crazy!!  I am so thankful for all these amazing moms that are always willing to help and love on my kids, and for the four years of friendship.  We love you all!


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Love their boxes!!! You are so creative. What a fun party! ❤️

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