Friday, February 14, 2014

Valentine's Day

Summer especially has been so excited for her Valentine's Day party this year!  We started a few weeks ago, making their Valentine's Day boxes...which they really got into!

We then made their Valentines, based on an idea I saw here.  We took a bunch of pictures of the kid's holding a paper towel wrapped broom, and played around with the pictures in computer editing software, and, printed them, and inserted lollypops.  I told them to pretend they were holding a giant are a few of the options we came up with, along with the final product...

Summer helped me make some strawberry cupcakes with strawberry frosting for the party :)

The first year of Valentine's Baby Parties was at Ms. Rachael's house, when most of the "2nd kiddos" were still in their Mommy's tummy's.    Last year we had the party in our basement, and many of the 2nd siblings were still immobile.  Well,  the group is growing bigger baby by baby...the "2nd kiddos" are all mobile now and several "third kiddos" have already been born!  So we decided to hold the party at Good Times Park this year with lots of room for all the kids to run around.  Everyone brought their own picnic lunch, a treat to share, a Valentine's Day box, and Valentines to pass out. The kids played hard, snacked well ;), and we mom's had a bit of time to catch up amongst chasing the little's all over ;).

Colton loving the soccer field.

Summer and the hula hoops

Engineer Colton....

Building something cool...

Playing ring a round the rosy with Sidney and Layla

Climbing WAY above mommy

Big hug for Addison!

Fun to see all the Valentine's Day boxes

People brought yummy treats to share


Great group of kiddos...


Not all the kids pictured here, but the majority of the oldest ones....from left to right, Lilly, Ian, Colton, Summer, Layla, Brandon, Sidney, Rylan, Adry, Addison, and Adelyn. 

And the best part??? Opening our boxes when we get home....!
 Here is a little video...

Colton was most excited about the suckers.

Summer enthusiastically but methodically went through each Valentine and treat

Pretty fun!

Tonight we are celebrating with a "red" dinner of favorite foods, including Spaghetti and Strawberries. 

My favorite little pink and little red waiting for daddy to come home!
Tomorrow Paul and I go on a long afternoon/evening date (which Paul is planning) and I am SUPER excited for time alone with my favorite guy :).


Jill said...

Oh. How. Adorable!! Cuteness overload! What a darling idea for Valentines! The kids are adorable all dressed up!!! Looks like the perfect party at the perfect location! All the kiddos are getting so big!

The O'Connor Family said...

How cute are those Valentines!! Love it, Kel!! Looks like a great day! Enjoy your date tomorrow, how fun!!!

The Baum Family said...

Looks like a fun party! Those cupcakes looked yummy! :) Enjoy your time with Paul today. <3

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