Sunday, February 16, 2014

My Favorite Guy

Valentine's Day offers a great time to remember how much we love those around us, especially the hubby God gave me!   And we had an AMAZING day out alone on Saturday just loving being together- perfect.

Ready to go out for our Valentine's date
But really, when I think about it, tough days like today really PROVE the love even more...a leaky roof under tons of snow, a husband making multiple trips to Mendards, freezing his fingers in hours of cold to rake snow off the roof, lugging buckets up to the attic to catch water....seeing my man completely covered from head to toe in insulation dust, taking care of the kiddos and I all with an amazing cheerful attitude even knowing that he has piles of stuff he needs to get done for work on Monday just waiting for him, and then stopping in his tracks when passing his daughter to kiss her and say he loves her...THAT is true handsomeness.  I am so blessed to be married to such an unselfish, loving, put-others-first, do-his-best-at-everything, provider, protector, prayer warrior, God-first-lover, man and he is so handsome to me--inside and out--whether dressed of up for a date or covered in insulation.  I love you, Paul Stuart Tommerdahl.


Jill said...

Wow, you guys sure had quite the day! That Paul is a keeper, for sure. That summer roofing job in college has sure come in handy, though in the middle of a snowy winter isn't any fun. :( Love you all!

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