Sunday, February 16, 2014

Bathroom Remodel

I have been quite behind in my blogging lately, so following this post will be a random photo dump post :).  One of the biggest reasons I have been behind is because we have been remodeling our bathroom and choosing/gathering the items needed, painting, etc has taken a lot of time!  Yes, it was time for the 1960's green tub and tile, stained linoleum floor, and musty smelling cabinets to meet sledge hammer and dumpster :).  While we have many fond memories of bathing our two kiddos in that, um, amazing tub....we are excited to usher in a new tub for our third to get his/her tub experience in!

Old sinks

New toilet amongst the old bathroom (Paul replaced it this past year when the old green one finally bit the dust)

Old tub

A closeup of one of the problem areas...water getting where it shouldn't...

Redoing the bathroom has been on "the list" since we moved in...we even applied to get on HGTV on their bathroom remodel show when they were in the Twin Cities last February (in this video 2 year old Summer tells the camera why we would like to be on the show while giving a tour of the bathroom!)  Last year at a family fun event we threw our name in the hat for a free bathroom remodel for a few different places.  This past December, we received a 40% off offer from one of those places Great Lakes Window and Siding Co if we signed on in their slow month and were flexible on start time.  That, combined with the fact that our tub faucet was leaking behind the tile (meaning we would have to pull off the tile to fix it) precipitated our decision to "go for it" and redo the bathroom now.

The company allowed us to choose our vanity, flooring, etc from anywhere which allowed us to shop around for deals and see what we liked.  We just needed to have everything at our house for our start date.  Then, they did the demolition, haul away, and plumbing installation.

"Mr. Joe" (as the kids called him) was awesome to work with.  He began work last week, tearing out our old stuff.

The sink wall (you can still see some of the gorgeous wall paper....)

"Behind the toilet" wall and the new underfloor put down because the old subfloor was falling apart due to water damage

Where the tub used to be
 After a few days of demolition, we got to see the new stuff go in, which was fun!  Mr. Joe even put in new woodwork (baseboards and window and door frame) since our previous owner has painted all the wood black) and he did an awesome job.  The kids loved talking to Mr. Joe and watching him work, though they were a bit nervous when the work got noisy.  Colton had some trouble napping etc with the loud power tools, but felt better when he carted around his own "pretend" power screwdriver just like Mr. Joe ;).  Summer loved to tell Mr. Joe everything she did and was going to do....needless to say, we tried to spend as much time out-and-about over the past week so as not to distract Mr. Joe too much :-).  Thankfully, Mr. Joe likes kids, so everyone seemed to get along fine! 

Mr. Joe finished up his work this past Tuesday, and while we still have a bit to to do before it is completely finished (we need to touch up paint, do some electrical work for the outlets, paint the woodwork, etc) the bulk of the work is done (yay!).  Here are a few "almost done" shots of our bathroom. 

sink wall

new tub and shower board (the color came out funky in this picture, but it is a caramel brown)

same toilet but new tile

another view of the vanity
Feeling thankful.


Jill said...

The new bathroom is nothing short of stunning! Everything you chose is beautify and coordinates so well. So happy for you!

Unknown said...

It's GORGEOUS so happy for you guys!

The Baum Family said...

Love it!! Gorgeous choices on the colors and finishes.

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