Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Baby Valentine's Day Party

Summer was invited to her first Valentine's Day party at her friend Adry's house this morning.  All the toddlers had lots of fun playing, eating, making a craft, and exchanging Valentine's :-).  Here are a few pictures!

Summer made Valentine's for her friends before the party :)

Ms. Bridget and Leyla

Ms. Kaity and Adelyn (and Addison :) )

Ms. Tara and Lily

Summer and Mommy

Ms. Rachael and Adry

Ms. Jade and Brandon

Ms. Joy (our neighbor) who brought her two 19 month twin girls and 2 month old baby Joey whom she is babysitting.....all 3 kids under 19 months!!!....she is amazing!
Summer LOVES babies, and she loved seeing baby Joey.

Summer and Brandon playing

Rachael's amazing snack spread!

Summer and Addison enjoying the snacks

Summer enjoyed eating off of Addison's plate

This picture really captures Addison and Summer's love of snack time!



Chatting near the craft table.
From left to right, Joey, Faith, Noelle, Summer, Leyla, Sydney, Addison, Lily, and Adry
A few more couch pics....

Summer, Leyla, and Sydney cuddling (or just squished?!?)

Summer :)

This couch picture includes Brandon in the front :)
When we got home Summer and Mommy had fun opening Summer's Valentine's

Thank you for all my Valentine's everyone!  Love, Summer
Thank you Rachael and Adry for hosting such a fun Valentine's party! 


Jill said...

Yes, Rachael, what an adorable party!! All of the mamas and kiddos look like they had a great time!

The Baum Family said...

Looks like fun!! :)

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