Sunday, February 19, 2012


My new hobby lately, when I get free time (which is usually on Saturday afternoons during Summer's nap, as I tutor during her week day naps and after she goes to bed!!!), I have been enjoying quilting!  Here are some pictures of a few of my recent projects.

My first projects were presents for Paul's and my moms.  They both have a cabin/trailer on a lake, so I made wall hangings with their lake and marked their spot on the lake with a button.  I got this idea at a craft show and thought it looked like a fun project.   First I traced a picture of the lake their trailer/cabin is on from our computer screen to tissue paper.  Then I quilted the lake together from  fabric squares and quilted the background together from a different color fabric squares.  I used invisible pen to write the letters, and then sewed over them with embroidery thread.  I used fusible web (coolest thing ever!) to attach the lake and letters to the quilt, and then hand stitched around them.
Quilted wall hanger of Shell Lake

West Battle Lake (Poor quality cell phone picture, but hopefully you get the idea!)

 My next few projects are in Summer's big girl room.  We will be moving her to her new room in about two weeks to free up the nursery for baby, and I have been having fun decorating in pink and purple!!!  We bought a twin size wicker headboard off of Craig's list and will use it first as a "foot board" (the other three sides of the bed will be walled off by two walls and a guard rail) so that it will still keep her in bed when she transitions from crib to bed (in about 2 weeks!).  Because the back and front of the headboard will show while it is being used at the foot of the bed, I made a "slip cover" for her headboard as the back of the headboard was not very attractive!

Slip cover for Summer's headboard

I made some wall hangings to go with the theme of her room.

Close-up of the butterfly

Close-up of the flowers

The headboard and wall hangings with her bedspread

I am currently working on a few more projects for her room that I hope to finish soon, and then I will post pictures of her room before we officially transfer her from the nursery to this room.  We have been calling this room "Summer's room" for the last few months and she loves playing in it!   In preparing for the transition, we put a pillow in her crib last week (it is supposed to center her) and it is cute watching her sleep on a pillow!  It is exciting to watch her room come together, and for a person who has never been very "girly", I am surprising myself with how much fun it is to decorate in pink, purple, butterflies, and flowers!!!


Jill said...

We LOVE our Shell Lake quilted hanger and have it hung in prominent place at the cabin! :)

Kelly, I am so proud of the beautiful ways you express love to family members, especially the darling room you are putting together for Summer.

Kristin K said...

I am SO impressed!!!

The Baum Family said...

Great job, Kel! You sure are crafty!! :)

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