Saturday, February 11, 2012

Weekend Stuff

This weekend Paul and I got a mini date in!  Our church has a couples night one Friday a month with childcare down in the nursery to raise money for missions.  Last night was a free dance lesson!  Through teamwork ;) we got a few of the steps down and had a lot of fun!  Summer even made a Valentine's day craft in the childcare! 
Before our dance lesson

Saturdays around our house are often low key, which I LOVE!  We usually let daddy sleep in a bit in the morning.  This morning Summer helped me make a crock pot dinner and Oreo balls.  She enjoyed crushing up the Oreos with the potato masher.  Summer always enjoys Saturday mornings because she gets TWO breakfasts :) normal one with mommy when we wake up, and one "fun" one when daddy gets up and makes something cool like french toast or pancakes!  As many of you know, Paul is studying for his third CFA exam that he will take the first Saturday in June.  Saturdays consist of lots of studying for Daddy.  He is so dedicated and motivated, as there are no "classes", just a large pile of 6-8 books filled with concepts and formulas he needs to know for a 6 hour test in June.  Here are a few pictures of Summer helping daddy study....she likes to climb on his back for a ride while he studies :). 

"Riding" Daddy

Here daddy's back is a beauty parlor.  Summer is putting on her necklaces while sitting on daddy's daddy is fixing a "broken" necklace for Summer.

Daddy's study buddy.


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Couples night at church sounds like lots of fun!

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