Monday, February 13, 2012

Doctor Visit and more 18 month news

This morning Summer went in for her 18 month check-up and Mommy went in her 32 week check up with baby brother.  It is so nice that Summer, Mommy, and Baby Brother all have the same doctor, so we can combine appointments.  This also makes it nice because Summer doesn't see the doctor as a bad thing, because she goes so often with mommy and gets to hear baby's heartbeat.  Now that I am 32 weeks, we will start going every two weeks to make sure baby is healthy.  Summer loves to hear the heart beat and stands with her mouth open as she listens to baby---so cute!

Here are a few pictures from Summer's 18 month appointment.  She is now 31.5 inches tall (42nd percentile) and 24 pounds (48th percentile).  It was fun because at this appointment our doctor predicted how tall Summer will be: about 5' 4.5".  FUN! :-)

Standing on the big scale to weigh in!

Look at me!  I weigh 24 pounds!

Summer likes to organize mommy's cough drops while we wait for the doctor.

She carries the cough drops back and forth, from the table to the stool.

All the cough drops are now on the stool.

Sitting on the Summer-sized seat!

Summer did a great job while her eyes and ears and tummy were checked.  Our doctor is so great, showing Summer the "light" she was using, and telling Summer she was going to look to see if she could find Elmo in Summer's ear :-)  Summer got a princess sticker for having such a great visit.

Look at my sticker!

At 18 months, here are a few of Summer's favorite things to do:
*Name letters and numbers using magnetic fridge letters, puzzles, flashcards, books, cereal boxes, and anything she sees!
*Play with her tapatos (potato heads)
*Play with her babies, feeding them, wrapping them in blankies, rocking them to sleep, etc.
*Help mommy with laundry (putting away the wash clothes, matching socks, throwing the dryer sheet in the garbage)
*Go on "errands" to Target, Walmart, the library, etc!
*Go see her baby friends for playdates (She gets soooooooo excited when we say were name one of her friends and say we are going to see them!)
*Name people she sees in pictures all over the house.
*Color on her cards (index cards) and sort her pictures.

Here is a little video of us reading a library book that combines a lot of the things she has learned in the last few months:
*colors (she still gets yellow and red mixed up sometimes),
*numbers (She can name 0-9 except "5")
*letters (She can consistently name about 20 out of 26 letters)



Jill said...

Could that precious girl get any cuter or smarter?? :) So thankful for good health for Summer, Mommy and Baby Brother! :)

Kay said...

Thanks so much for sharing! Summer is so bright and so happy! You and Paul are doing such a great job. Can't wait to see Summer's little brother! Oh, and the video of Summer pushing Grandpa around is really funny:)

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