Friday, February 3, 2012


My parents rented a condo down in Jamaica last week and invited Paul, Summer, me, and my 7 month pregnant belly :),  to be guests at the condo for the week, along with my sister and her boyfriend.  The condo was really cool--it had 4 bedrooms, a large living room, a big dining table (where we played lots of games after Summer went to bed!) and a kitchen.  The condo came with two AMAZING Jamaican cooks, Charm and Hyacinth, who cleaned the condo each morning and cooked us dinner each evening.  They were so sweet, had such fun accents, and Summer loved them!  We had so much fun being in Jamaica in the warm sun, exploring the beautiful island, and just enjoying hanging out with each other.  Thank you, mom and dad for blessing us with such an amazing trip!!!  My mom is great at taking pictures to document our trip, so I stole a few to remember our trip by.  I also am including a video of Summer's favorite part; the chocolate cake that Charm and Hyacinth made for us!

We started our trip on January 21st by getting out of the house by 4am to catch our 6:30am flight!  Here is Eric, Kristin and Grandma on the plane.

Here is Grandpa, Daddy, Mommy, and Summer on the plane.  Summer loved doing puzzles on the plane and did great on the 4 hour flight!

Believe it or not, all 7.5 of us and all of our luggage squeezed into a mini van for the 40 minute trek from the airport to our condo! 
Mommy and Summer on Sunday morning (we went to an awesome Jamaican Baptist church)


The guys in blue and khaki for church
The church we went to on Sunday morning

Summer and Auntie Kristin had "matching" sandals!
On the beach

Summer loved "flying"

The kiddos

Grandma and Grandpa and Summer
The table in our condo where we ate our dinners

Paul and Eric thought the key lime pie was lacking chocolate, so they added M&M's!

The gate from our condo to the ocean.  Beautiful!

Cute couple :)

Ladies ready for a trip to Dolphin Cove

At Dolphin Cove, we went kayaking in a glass bottom boat.  Paul got to paddle all "4" of us all over the cove.

Daddy and Summer watching the shark show at Dolphin Cove.

Time out for a cuddle session :-)

Mommy and Summer got to touch a dolphin!

The splashing dolphin startled Summer!
Daddy and Summer dancing to the steel drums during lunch at Dolphin Cove

Summer loved listening to the "kusic" (music)

Daddy got to ride a dolphin!

Daddy, Eric, Kristin, and Grandpa spinning with the dolphin.
Daddy and Summer at a fountain in a Jamaican shopping area.

Summer showing Charm her puzzle.

Summer and Hyacinth doing puzzles.

These three had a lot of fun together!

Lunch in a Jamaican cafe with amazing fresh baked bread!

The group on the day we visited the shopping area.
Most days we had a 40 minute car drive to our destination of the day, and a 40 minute car drive home.   We brought Summer a portable DVD player and she LOVED watching her "Deebeedeees"!

Looking at Dunn's River Falls

Walking along the ocean at Dunn's River Falls

Grandma and Summer looking out at the ocean

Mommy and Summer playing in the water

After the climb "up the falls".  No preggos or toddlers on the rocks, so Summer and I stayed back from this hike this time :)

Summer and Daddy looking for rocks.
By a really cool tree!

Summer loved riding on Daddy's back!

Summer and Grandpa at the condo

I took a pic of my good-lookin' hubby when he wasn't looking :)

Eric playing catch with....


Auntie Kristin and Summer in their shades
Waiting for our tour of Grotto Cave

We took a tour of Grotto cave

Daddy did a great job carrying Summer all over the cave with low hanging ceilings

He even made it through a small tunnel with Summer on his back!

Family picture in a cave!

Summer LOVED watching these birds who walked all over while we ate lunch after our cave tour.  She loved chasing them around the patio!
Group Picture in Jamaican colors

Mommy, Daddy, Summer, and "Baby Brother"




Group Picture

The guys pretending to be models ;)

Charlie's Angels
Summer and Daddy

Riding a chair lift to the top of a mountain

Summer loved running up and down the ramp at the top of the mountain while Daddy and the others rode the bobsled down the mountain and rode on the water slide (toddlers and preggos weren't supposed to do these things, so Mommy and Summer played on the ramp!)

Daddy on the bobsled
Go, Daddy Go!  Summer loved watching everyone come down the big slide!

Awesome Tree!

Summer and Grandma.

Summer loving her chocolate cake!


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Wonderful memories of a perfect week. Summer did so well on this trip. What a great little traveller she is!

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