Friday, February 15, 2013

Kiddie Valentine's Day Party

We have (literally) been counting down the days until the Valentine's Day Party!  Summer will look at her sticker chart and see how many days until today....and then jump up and down in excitement!  We had a blast playing, eating, and celebrating the love of the great friendships God has blessed us with.  We are so thankful!  Here are a few pics and a quick highlight video of our morning :-).

My favorite "little" Valentine's

Adry, Rylan, Summer, Faith, Noelle, Leyla, Colton, Brandon, Addison

The baby brothers: Rylan, Colton, O'Neal, and Brody


Happy Valentine's Day!


Jessi Brink said...

Looks like so much fun Kel! The perfect kind of chaos you hope for in your home! Chaos that will last for the next 20 years with a basement filled with friends!

Jill said...

Aw, the party looks like it was so perfect! Kelly, your basement certainly accomodates a lot of toddlers, babies and mommies! Good job planning and what a wonderful video. I praise God for blessing you and your family with these amazing friendships!!!!

Unknown said...

Great Job Kelly! You are amazing!!! Thank you so much for having us and getting the great pictures and video. Nice work!

Kay said...

Wow, Colton's eyes are just popping in every picture! He really loves a social event, doesn't he? Summer and Colton are so lucky to have such an ambitious Mom!

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