Friday, February 22, 2013


We had a beautiful snow this morning (although I know it didn't make Daddy's commute to work very pretty....sorry honey!).  During Colton's nap this morning, Summer and I had a snow date!

All bundled up!

Summer is standing on the driveway...we got quite a bit of snow!

We built a snow castle first
Then a snow tower
We had a bit of trouble making a snow man the normal way (the snow wasn't QUITE packing enough), so we improvised. :)

Summer supervised from her vehicle....;)

Our snow people

Our little Colton slept for 2 hours while we were in the snow!  We woke him up for lunch, and he had some pretty good bedhead!


Jill said...

Cutest little family ever. Just love these glimpses into your life. Those snow people are way better than any regular snowman. Good job! :)

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